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Water Damage Restoration Specialists

What is water damage?

Water damage refers to the situations in which walls, doors, staircases, furniture, or any other infrastructure of a structure is compromised or damaged due to excess and prolonged exposure to water, humidity, or moisture.

Why does water damage require quick action?

Water damage may result in a myriad of consequences, varying in their levels of severity. While some may include nothing but a subtle, unpleasant odor, others may pose actual physical threats as well as health risks.

Staircases, for example, overly exposed to humidity may weaken to the point of collapsing under a person’s weight. Walls that have been exposed to water over long periods of time may also be in danger of collapsing and putting inhabitants of such a structure in great danger.

Doors suffering water damages may be rendered useless, while other water damages may cause serious health risks, such as allergies and respiratory illnesses caused by certain types of mold.

The following services are what we offer in SOS Restoration:

Water Damage Repair
Flood Damage
Sewage Damage Cleanup
Water Damage Safety and Health
IICRC certified professionals
Storm Damage

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SOS-Restoration – leaving water damage high and dry…

Upon the discovery of water damage your first order of business should be contacting a trained and certified service provider to take care of the situation. When choosing such a professional you should bear in mind these few important things, which SOS-Restoration offers:

  • Availability: you will probably want someone who will be able to make an appointment as soon as possible instead of in two months’ time. We offer extremely flexible schedules in order to accommodate our customers to the best of our ability. Furthermore, our call center is always up and running, day or night.
  • Quick response to prevent additional damage: when it comes to water damage every minute counts. A tardy and leisurely response may result in additional, and sometimes overwhelming, unexpected damage.
  • Customer experience and references: when relying on someone to resolve a situation as water damage you will want someone you can trust. The best indication that you will get a service aware company and a professional solution is the availability of references and recommendations. Feel free to pose any question you will to our customers as they will gladly share with you the details of their ordeal and of our assistance.