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Oakland Professional water damage restoration Services

Sewage Cleanup
Have you ever had your toilet flood the bathroom or your septic tank burst? There’s nothing more unpleasant than raw sewage collected on the floor, walls, and furniture of your home. Your instinct may be to run the other way screaming, hop in the nearest shower, or try to clean it up yourself, but we propose another path. We recommend that if you have a sewage flood in your home, you call us right away. Raw sewage is not something to mess with – it’s messy, dirty, and full of extremely harmful substances that can cause permanent home damage. It’s also harmful to your health. But we at SOS Restoration are equipped with the protective gear, tools, and education and experience to manage the problem for you and successfully remove all evidence of sewage flooding. We’ll even follow it up with home inspection to make sure no mold or moisture is collecting in your home.

Black Mold Removal

Black mold is a toxic, dark substance that likes to grow in the walls, flooring, ceiling, and in hidden away spaces. Its favorite thing is moist areas, making your basement, bathroom, and outside walls the perfect place for it to grow. You should have your home thoroughly inspected for mold growth every so often, and especially if it’s a new home – you don’t know how the previous owners have kept it up. If there was ever a flood or even a pool of water that collected in your home, mold growth is a risk. Don’t try to clean it up yourself – get us at SOS Restoration to do it. Just like sewage water, black mold can make you extremely sick, so don’t leave it up to yourself to remove it.

Flooded Basement Treatments

When a basement floods, you have to deal with it carefully. A basement is a place that attracts a lot of moisture, so the best way to deal with it is to prevent it. We recommend that wherever possible, keep it well-ventilated by opening windows to air it out, closing windows tightly when it rains, using a dehumidifier, installing a fan, But where professional hands are needed, we are there to help.

Call SOS Restoration to receive full flooded basement treatments including water removal, water damage

Mold Contamination

Often when a flood occurs, mold becomes a problem. Mold can even grow when no flood occurred because there was moisture collecting somewhere. Mold contamination can ruin your carpeting, drywall, insulation, and more.

We will remove the mold and remove the source of the mold, removing all moisture and repairing any damages that occurred as a result of the mold infestation. Our goal at SOS Restoration is to save your Oakland home from permanent damage due to mold contamination.

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