Storm Damage Service

We at SOS Restoration are experts at storm damage restoration, damage which may take on a wide variety of shapes and sizes.

Leading Storm Damage Restoration Experts

The weather in Oakland, as in many other parts of the world, is becoming ever more erratic and extreme. Severe storms hit almost every winter and with them comes storm damage of all shapes and sizes. There is no defined list of possible types of storm damage, typical ones are broken roof tiles which were hit by massive hail, breaks and punctures (to walls, roofs skylights and windows) caused by branches torn by strong winds, floods due to massive rainfall and much more.

At SOS Restoration we specialize in dealing with storm damage of any kind, we have earned a name for ourselves as true experts, we are reliable, fast (a crucial thing when it comes to storm damage restoration), always available and offer hard to beat rates.

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Speed Is of the Essence

With storm damage restoration it is essential that you call in someone who responds quickly and can get the job done even faster. This is so because storms mean heavy rainfall, once any type of damage occurs, roof tiles breaking due to massive hail, for instance, water will inevitably invade our home. With water damage getting remediation efforts underway as quickly as possible is extremely important. The longer water and moisture are allowed to linger the greater the damage and the harder it is to restore things back to their original state.

At SOS restoration we are always available for immediate response. We are on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week, all year round. During storms, we make sure to have a team of storm damage remediation experts ready to rush over.

We Work Quickly and Leave Nothing Unattended

A quick response must be followed by efficient remediation efforts. SOS Restoration is well known throughout Oakland as a highly professional outfit, a restoration company that gets the job done fast and with excellent results.

If your home in Oakland has suffered storm damage don’t hesitate, give us a call and watch us take care of things for you, we abide by a strict honest billing policy and offer impossible to beat rates.