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Our Water Damage San Francisco professional services

SOS Restoration is a licensed, certified, and established restoration company that provides all kinds of cleaning, restoration, and removal services to maintain cleanliness in your homes.

Water Damage Restoration
After a flood brought on by a damaging hurricane, SOS Restoration will be able to restore your home to its original condition when it’s been flooded. We assure you that we’ll leave your house spotlessly clean when we’re done with it.

A water damage restoration service is heavily needed to prevent moisture in hard-to-reach places like corners of a room, under your kitchen sink, your pipes, basement, and ceilings to prevent mold formation and nasty smells from building up in your home. SOS Restoration will be able to get rid of all the water and make sure that your house is dried up from top to bottom within hours.

 Black Mold Removal

As mentioned earlier, water buildup in your pipes, especially dirty water, can cause the formation of black mold.

The removal of black mold is especially important. It’s because black mold is the most dangerous—also the most infectious—type of mold. It can cause sickness in the family when not gotten rid of, and is usually the cause of irritation, allergies, breathing problems, asthma, headaches, nausea, nose bleeding, and vomiting. SOS Restoration only uses state-of-the-art technology that will be able to remove all traces of black mold in your house.

 Sewage Cleanup

Sewage is the nasty smell that is made up of dirty water and other residues—it’s the one that fills up pipes and causes all kinds of blockages that won’t let clean water get through. SOS Restoration will employ the latest sewage cleaning technology to rid all your pipes, fixtures, and drainages of sewage likely to build up after a strong storm.

If you think that sewage might be causing all the delays in water flow in your pipes, call SOS Restoration immediately so the situation won’t worsen.


When left for long periods of time, sewage can cause serious corrosion in your pipes, leaving you to have pipe replacements all over your house.

Flood Cleanup

Flood cleanup is especially important especially if you’ve got a basement that’s been flooded over. SOS Restoration will take care of the entire drying up process, to make sure that a musty smell won’t be left behind and mold won’t form.


After a storm and your basement has been flooded up, make sure to call SOS Restoration right away to have it all drained and cleaned up (don’t wait for a few more days!) so it will be easier to clean. Another good thing about this is that it would prevent sewage from settling in.

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