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Richmond water damage restoration services

Water Damage Cleanup
The first thing to do after a home has been flooded is to provide water damage cleanup. Not only does this include removing any and all signs of water and moisture buildup, but it also includes the flooring, walls, ceiling, and furniture. Anything that is salvageable, we will save for you, and if you call us right away when the flood happens in the first place, we should be able to save it all. No matter what, we at SOS Restoration make it our business to restore your home to its pre-flood condition. That means that when there was water damage, our cleanup is so thorough that you won’t even be able to tell that it happened in the first place.

Mold Damage Removal

Mold can grow in the strangest places. Usually, it goes undetected because it prefers dark, damp places like underneath the sink and behind the toilet and down in the basement. And the second you start smelling it or noticing signs of collected moisture, you should call us. Chances are by that point, you already have a problem and you won’t be able to fix it on your own. We will come out to your Richmond home and provide initial mold removal. Additionally, we’ll find anything that has been damaged by the mold and provide mold damage removal for you, replacing it where necessary to keep your home in good condition.

Wet Basement Remediation

Your basement is a place that is prone to moisture because of the fact that it is below ground. It’s also usually the location of many of your pipes, septic tank, and water heater. If you have a basement, you should have us at SOS Restoration regularly inspect it for moisture. You should also keep a working water sensor or water leak detector down there to identify any signs of flooding right away. Whenever you face a problem of a wet basement, you can call us.

We’ll come out there to provide wet basement remediation, restoring your basement and your home to its best condition. We’ll even help you figure out the best ways to set up your basement to guard against the same thing happening again. With our tips, you’ll be able to significantly reduce the likelihood of having to deal with a wet basement again in the future.

Black Mold Removal

Toxic black mold loves to grow in moist places in your home. Never leave a carpet spill or leaky pipe unattended because this substance can proliferate within 24 hours.

You could find yourself with a massive growth of black mold that will cause home damage and sicknesses for the residents. But in the event that it does grow or you suspect its presence, SOS Restoration provides black mold removal. We’ll sort it out for you and restore your home to pre-mold, pre-moisture conditions.

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