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Berkeley Water Damage Services

Water Damage Repair
If you ever have a flood in your house, the most important thing is to get the water removed straightaway. But sometimes you don’t do it fast enough, and the result is that part of your home becomes damaged by the water. It could be the drywall, the insulation, the carpeting, the wood structure – whatever it is, water can damage it. But with SOS Restoration, we can provide you with Berkeley water damage repair. With our assistance and service, we can restore your home to its pre-flood condition. Water damage doesn’t have to be permanent when you have professionals working by your side to resolve the problems.

Mold Damage Removal

Another common damage from moisture in the home is mold damage. Mold is a living substance that grows and thrives like weeds. At times it can seem unstoppable. Unfortunately, it’s not enough to just find it and kill it. Because it grows so quickly, mold can cause damages in a very short amount of time. You need our professional skills to not only examine the home to successfully remove the mold but to also inspect it carefully for any signs of damage. If we find damages, we will provide mold damage removal for you so that you do not have further issues to deal with later.

Wet Basement Remediation

A flooded house is fairly common, especially in the winter months where there is a lot more rain. But a flooded basement is even more common. We recommend that all homeowners have a water leak detector or a water sensor that is actively maintained in their basements so as to detect the very first sign of water leakage. Your basement is very commonplace for flooding for a few reasons. First, it’s below everything else, and water will go downward with gravity. Second, it is underground, and moisture often remains in the ground and can seep in through cracks and windows.

Third, your basement is where many of your pipes are kept, as well as your hot water heater and your septic tank. These are all very common reasons why you may need wet basement remediation. At the first sign of a problem, contact us and we’ll come out there right away.

Mold Detection

Sometimes you don’t know if there is mold in your home, but you’re wondering because someone’s getting sick, there’s a musty smell, you’ve noticed moisture collecting, or you’ve had a recent flood incident. This is a time to call SOS Restoration. With our expertise and professional equipment, we can do a thorough examination of mold detection.

Once we’ve inspected your home as carefully and as meticulously as possible, if we’ve found any signs of mold, we’ll offer you mold removal services right then and there. It’s a dangerous thing to leave unresolved, so we want to help you.

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