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Alameda Water Damage Restoration  Service

Water Damage Clean-Up
When your home has been flooded with water, there’s always a great risk of damage. Water is a powerful thing that can cause all kinds of problems, particularly if it is left unattended. That is why when you have any problems with water flooding your house, you should call SOS Restoration right away. We take care of water damage clean-up for you. This includes removing all moisture and inspecting thoroughly to make sure that there isn’t the risk of black mold build-up. If any part of the structure, flooring, or furniture has been damaged from the water, we will gladly help you restore your home.

Mold Removal

The scariest thing about moisture build-up is the growth of mold. A mold of any kind is dangerous, and particularly black mold. But whatever kind of mold you have in your home, it needs to be removed because mold build-up eats away at your home’s structure, causing lasting and permanent damage. It also creates a musty odor and makes you more prone to illnesses because of breathing in the moldy air. This is why you need to call in a team of home restoration professionals to provide you with professional mold removal for your home.

Sewage Removal

It’s one thing when your home has been flooded because of a broken dishwasher or sink, but quite another when it’s sewage water. Sewage water is full of harmful bacteria and contaminants that can make you violently ill if you are exposed to it. It takes those with the proper training and equipment to deal with sewage water. our qualified licensed technicians will come in with all the protective gear necessary to remove the sewage water and the sewage. We’ll follow it up by thoroughly scouring the walls, flooring, and all else with bleach to ensure that it is completely cleaned after your sewage disaster.

Sewage that is not properly removed can result in the growth of mold, causing further damage and great illnesses for those living in the home. It’s very important to get professionals like SOS Restoration to clean it up for you.

Black Mold Removal

Black mold is the enemy of all home restorers, but do not worry – we can eliminate it. The reason black mold is so dangerous is that it thrives, hidden from view, in wet and moist environments. This can include underneath the sink, in the flooring, behind the walls, and in other secret places.

Its presence will cause you to develop respiratory illnesses and worse, make you think you have a flu virus but you’re actually being adversely affected by the presence of millions of toxic bacteria. At the first sign of it, call us right away and we’ll come quickly for home restoration and black mold removal.

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