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Smoke Damage Services

Whenever there’s a house fire, there are a lot of risks to the home. The bulk of those risks are taken care of when the firefighters come to put the fire out. But after they have gone, there is still risk to the home because of the smoke. Smoke can cause greater damage than fire in some ways. That is why SOS Restoration is here to provide Oakland smoke damage services for home restoration to prevent these risks from becoming a serious issue for your home. These services will be helpful to you whether you’ve had a major house fire or smoke on the ceiling due to a small stovetop fire.

What Smoke Does

Flames, of course, are a danger because they can burn down all wood and fabrics and destroy the structure of the home. But smoke can also cause significant damage. Smoke damage, for example, can corrode the surfaces of your home. It can actually scratch or discolor your walls and ceilings and leave you with lots of surface damage. Plastic becomes discolored, appliances yellow, metals tarnish, and more. The discoloration becomes permanent, metals corrode, and wood and vinyl must be replaced. Ash and smoke leave odors lingering for ages.

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Professional Help

Professional help is what is needed when this kind of situation arises. You can try to clean up Oakland smoke damage and fire damage on your own but without the right kind of training, certification, and equipment, it won’t be done properly. Professionals should be contacted as soon as possible to be able to come out quickly and assess the situation before it causes permanent damage to the home. The Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification, or the IICRC, is the organization that certifies companies like SOS Restoration to be able to do the kind of restoration from smoke damage that your home may need after a fire. All SOS Restoration employees go through rigorous training and education courses for this, so they are well versed in all the details.

If necessary, we’ll replace any metals or carpeting and glass. We’ll remove all ash and all the pieces of your home that are damaged from the smoke. Being thorough is critical, and we will not bypass any area or leave any stone unturned as we search your house to make sure that there is no permanent smoke damage. We will try to salvage as much as possible, but if necessary, we will indicate which items need to be removed and replaced. We’ll also help you take care of that. Removing ash and smoke residue can take a lot of work, but we’ll make sure it doesn’t stay around in your home to keep causing you problems well into the future. We’ll resolve it now to save you the trouble.