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Mold Removal Experts in Oakland

A mold is a form of fungi. Although today there are thousands of known species of mold, all varying in appearance and life cycles, each and every one of these species requires moisture in order to grow. This is important as it suggests that getting rid of mold entails getting rid of the source of water or humidity that originally caused it.

Is mold dangerous?

Though some types of mold are quite benign, and research on the health risks posed by mold has been inconclusive, it is largely agreed that prolonged exposure to mold is undesirable and dangerous. Such exposure can cause allergic responses and sometimes even result in serious respiratory problems and illnesses.

You should bear in mind that black mold could be toxic and pose a much more severe risk than other types of mold.

What are you waiting for?


SOS-Restoration – showing mold the way out

If you suspect mold has infested your house, or if you have actually discovered it festering in some corner of your property or another, you would be best advised to take prompt action in order to mitigate it and even eradicate it.

Having offered professional mold removal services for quite some time now, we offer our customers these important benefits:

  • 24/7 Availability: you never plan to find mold growing in your house, but when you do, you want someone to pick up the phone right then and there. Our call center is always staffed and we are able to receive calls 24/7.
  • Speedy arrival: since mold and its side effects are usually less than welcomed guests in your house, you will more likely than not want an immediate solution. Towards that end, we hold several crews at the ready.
  • Professional crews: since mold can pose actual threats and cause actual health risks it should only be treated by trained professionals. Our technicians have all undergone extensive training and certification procedures which make them completely competent to deal with all types of mold infestations.
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