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Fire Damage Inspection Service

Fires pose an immediate danger to lives as well as of extensive damage to property. Firefighters are the ones in charge of extinguishing the flames as quickly as possible in order to minimize their effects, but once the firefighters leave no property in which a fire had broken out can return to its original state without the aid of professional restoration service.
At SOS Restoration we know all there is to know about fire damage restoration, complete restoration of fire damage must always begin with a comprehensive, thorough fire damage inspection. Our contractors are licensed and certified

Long Term Effects of Fires

What fires leave behind continue to affect the building in which they had occurred. Such effects will be most noticeable in the immediate area where the actual flames had been but they are definitely not restricted to a particular zone. Smoke and ashes may have reached further than first meets the eye and thus odors and chemical implications (such as accelerated corrosion) may be discovered even several rooms away, sometimes even in an entirely different building that was downwind from the one in which the fire broke out.

Only a professionally carried out, thorough fire damage inspection can assure that any and all damage that must be dealt with is identified. SOS Restoration provides the community of Oakland with exactly this type of service and all for highly competitive rates.

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Get it Done ASAP

It is important to get a fire damage inspection done as soon as possible after a fire. Quick action means better chances of salvaging items which may become unsalvageable with time. For instance, smoke odors may set in and become impossible to eliminate completely.

Only after a fire damage inspection is done can the actual fire restoration begin. It is essential that restoration work will be carried out quickly not only in order to limit the scale of the work which will need to be done but also to minimize long term effects such as etching, discoloration, and corrosion.

At SOS Restoration we offer highly professional fire damage inspections. We guarantee to draft out a report which will contain every little detail as to what the effects of the fire were. Such a complete report will form a sturdy base on which fire restoration operations can lay.
We possess the trained manpower, experience and state of the art tools of the trade in order to ensure fire damage inspections we carry out allow nothing to go undetected.