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Our Smoke Damage Smell Removal Service

For many unfortunate homeowners, a fire in the home results in the ruination of the property. But for many others who were able to stop the fire early enough, the property can be saved in some form or another. Luckily, if you have professional home restorers on your side helping you out, most homeowners can restore their home to full quality. Rather than have lasting damages from fire and smoke that will affect your home for years to come, call SOS Restoration for smoke damage smell removal Oakland.

Dangers of Smoke

Unless you’ve witnessed a fire, you may not realize that while the flames themselves are dangerous, it’s actually the smoke that causes the most damage. You see, when a fire occurs, the smoke that comes up is full of ashes and charred remnants of furniture, property, etc. The smoke is full of poisonous carbon monoxide and swallows up all the oxygen, making it impossible to breathe. Even after the flames are extinguished, the smoke leaves a thick layer of film caked onto everything. It may not be very visible, but after a matter of hours or a few days everything in the home will start to yellow and tarnish – dishes, plastics, appliances, metals, and everything. The ash left by the smoke will permanently discolor every surface and the smell will remain permanently as everything corrodes and disintegrates.

What are you waiting for?


What We’ll Do For You

This doesn’t have to be the case! Our professional technicians at SOS Restoration are trained in how to remove the ash and smoke to completely eliminate all problems, including the smell. Our process for Oakland smoke damage smell removal is carefully honed. We have educated all of our technicians on how to do the job correctly so that your home is completely restored to the best possible condition. We will repair or replace metals and glasses, remove the ash, restore broken pieces, remove all evidence of the smell, and basically make it seem as though the fire never happened in the first place. It won’t be on your own that this is accomplished, but only through the help of an SOS Restoration team. Let us remove the smell from fire and smoke damage Oakland and you’ll be glad you called SOS Restoration.