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Sewage Damage Cleanup Service

Sewage can pour into where it should not be found in various ways. A main sewage pipe may break and leak, a flood may cause sewage to flow freely, a blocked sewage pipe (or even a blocked toilet) may cause a sewage backup.
Whatever the cause the results are the same, an invasion of smelly, bio-hazardous fluids which must not only be cleared away but also all traces left behind eliminated.

We at SOS Restoration have the necessary know how, experience and equipment in order to assure your property is restored to its original state after suffering sewage damage. We provide Oakland’s residents and business owners with top class service for unbeatable prices.

How Sewage Damage Cleanup Works

A professional sewage damage cleanup operation will begin with a thorough inspection of the damage and what had led to it. A plan of action will be drawn out and all the necessary equipment brought.
The first stage of the cleanup will involve removing all fluids and solids including any items affected beyond salvageable state (such as carpets, mattresses, furniture etc,). All items removed will be disposed of according to all governing health regulations.

Once all the actual sewage and everything which it has rendered salvageable have been removed comes the time to clear the air and get rid of any moisture. This is extremely important in order to prevent mold growth.

All nonporous materials will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. Eco friendly biocides and microbial eliminators will be sprayed onto all surfaces exposed to the sewage.

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Why Professional Handling is So Important

Getting sewage damage properly taken care of is extremely important since unprofessional work will leave you exposed to various possible health problems such as hepatitis, legionnaires disease, allergic reactions, asthma attacks, infections (mostly skin and eye infections), dermatitis and even kidney or liver damage. In extreme cases sewage related health issues may even be fatal.

At SOS Restoration we realize how important it is to deal with sewage damage quickly and responsibly. We have earned a name for ourselves as masters in all fields of restoration including with all that’s involved with sewage damage.
Our efficiency guarantees unbeatable rates, our top of their field techs and state of the art equipment mean 100% restoration of your property to its previous safe, pleasant state.