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Mould symptoms service

There are many different types of mould and a wide variety of mould symptoms. SOS Restoration’s mould infestation experts can tell you if mould is responsible for the symptoms you suffer from and if it is we can remove the mould and make certain it does not return.

Eliminating Mould Symptoms Throughout Oakland

There are many types of mould and a wide variety of symptoms that come with them. Sometimes Oakland home owners suffer from mould related health problems for a long time before realizing that mould is the culprit responsible for them.
At SOS Restoration we specialize in eliminating mould and mould symptoms, if you have any reason to suspect the existence of a mould infestation give us a call, we are always available for immediate response (24/7 all year round) and are well known throughout Oakland as true mould symptoms elimination experts. We offer hard to beat rates, work fast and get the job done right.
To top things off we offer hard to beat rates and abide by a strict honest billing policy so that you’ll end up paying as per the initial quote we give, no hidden costs or any other such unpleasant surprises.

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Suspecting the Existence of a Mould Infestation

Numerous things should make you suspect the existence of a mould infestation even if it is one that is well out of sight (as many mould infestations are).
Mould related health symptoms include a variety of respiratory issues, such as wheezing, difficulty in breathing, bouts of unexplained asthma attacks, feelings of chest tightness etc.
Other types of health symptoms attributed to mould may be nasal congestion or a runny nose, sinus congestion (which may cause headaches), a cough, an irritation of the throat, fits of sneezing etc.
Irritation of the eyes may also occur when airborne mould spores are present.

If you live in Oakland and find that you suffer from any of the symptoms described above or other unexplained rashes, irritations, feelings of fatigue etc., it may very well be that there is some kind of mould growing in a moist area in your home. There is no need for you to suffer, call us in, we will carry out a mould inspection, detect any mould infestation, remove it completely and make certain it does not return.

How to Deal With Mould Symptoms

Mould may affect our health in three ways, the symptoms we suffer may be caused due to exposure to airborne mould spores, they may be related to toxins some types of mould release (toxic mould) or they may occur due to an overall weakening of our immune system.

At SOS Restoration we can help you discover if mould is the cause of the symptoms you suffer from and if it is we can take care of it for you making sure it does not return.