Mold Testing Service

If there is any reason to suspect the presence of a mold infestation it is essential that mold testing be carried out without delay since mold may affect your health in various ways which may even be quite severe.
SOS Restoration offers the community of Oakland top class professional mold testing for hard to beat rates.

Getting it Done Professionally

Although there are kits for do it yourself mold inspection it is highly unadvisable to satisfy yourself with such testing since there is a lot more involved in proper, comprehensive mold testing than meets the eye. Having professional , reliable restorations experts test your home or place of work for mold will guarantee detection of even the smallest infestations.
Only after you get professional mold testing done can you be absolutely sure there is no harmful mold present affecting the quality of the air you breath.

Another thing to consider is that if you choose to test for mold yourself and then find traces of it you will have to call in a restoration service in order to remedy the situation. The restoration company will have to carry out its own round of mold testing since they cannot rely on the one you did. This way you end up spending time and money in vain on the initial do it yourself mold testing you did.

Types of Mold Testing

There are three main types of tests for mold. The first one involves testing the air for any traces of substances mold introduces to the air it comes into contact with it. Another kind of mold testing involves testing surfaces for any traces of mold spores. Finally there is bulk mold testing where mold infestations discovered are tested in order to identify of what kind they are in order to lay out a plan for their thorough removal.
At SOS Restoration we use all three types of mold testing ensuring no mold goes undetected.

Moisture and Mold

Mold can grow on virtually any surface although it will infest porous materials more extensively and in a way that’s harder to deal with. The only thing mold requires in order to thrive is moisture. This is why no mold testing is complete without the identification of any moisture build up.
Moisture trapped in unvented places will always ultimately lead to mold.

We at SOS restoration have the necessary skilled manpower, equipment and reliability to ensure detection of any mold, even in cases of very mild infestations.