Mold Inspection Service

If left untreated mold problems may have implications on the overall well being of those who spend long hours in a building in which a toxic mold infestation exists (family members in homes and employees in businesses).

If there is any concern regarding the presence of mold it is essential that you take immediate action and call in experts to carry out a professional mold inspection.
We at SOS Restoration possess the necessary skill, equipment and professional conduct guaranteeing we perform meticulous mold inspections through which any and all mold infestations are revealed. To top things off we offer highly competitive rates.

The Tools We Utilize

At our disposal are each and every equipment item that may be needed when performing a mold inspection. Among these are infrared cameras, moisture meters, ultrasonic detectors and more.
Our expert techs will know what type of equipment will provide best results in each and every case. Since we use state of the art tools to their best advantage our mold inspections are highly efficient, there is absolutely no chance that a mold infestation, however minute, will be missed. In fact, we will caution you about potential mold “hot spots” even before any mold has begun to grow there.

Plan of Attack

A mold inspection is not complete without formulating a plan regarding how any mold that was detected should be removed and what preventive measures should be taken in order to ensure that there will not be any re-growth.
At SOS Restoration we will provide you not only with a thorough report of any mold we had located but also with a detailed plan of how our findings ought to be dealt with. We will also give you a quote for performing mold removal and mold damage restoration (when the mold inspection shows that such actions are called for). We are certain that when you compare our quotes to those you receive from other restoration services providers you will find that they are hard to beat.

Always at Your Service

With SOS Restoration you need not wonder if we are available. We operate 24/7 each and every day of the year. We have been providing comprehensive restoration services to Oakland’s residents and businesses owners for many years, mold inspections naturally included. We guarantee an immediate response, top quality service and highly competitive rates.