Immediate Board Up Services

Structural damages can almost never be foreseen. This is why it is imperative to know what to do and who to call when disaster strikes.

We at SOS Restoration understand that environmental disasters are frequent and unpredictable. Therefore, we are always on top of the situation, keeping a professional team of experts that can provide you with the solutions to any structural damage, whether residential or commercial structures are involved.

Danger Awareness

Structural damages and breaches can cause serious problems. Although buildings seem sturdy, they are susceptible to all sorts of hazards. The Elements, for example, can cause serious damage to buildings, shatter windows, break down weak walls, and the like.

SOS Restoration is well aware of the geographical parameters relevant to Oakland. This provides us with the advantage of being fully prepared to what may come. Our on-call immediate board up services ensure that even when disaster strikes, you can ensure the safety of your property until more permanent arrangements can be made.

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What is Immediate Board Up?

As stated above, catastrophe can seldom be predicted. When buildings sustain such damages as those earlier described, they can not be left exposed to further damage by the Elements or by vandals. This is when immediate board up services are in order. Upon contacting our 24/7 available call center, a fully equipped team will seal every gaping hole, every shattered window, using specifically designed sheets of wood, thus rendering your building safe and secure once again.

You are in Good Hands

SOS Restoration’s professional board up team is available 24/7. You can always count on us to be there on time, boarding up any breach of perfection: nothing gets in, nothing gets out.

In any case of fire, flood, windstorm, or car crash, our team will get to the scene on time to prevent further damage by the cause that initially damaged the structure and by preventing it from becoming a place of interest for vandals, sealing it beyond reach.

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