SOS Restoration Oakland HVAC Cleaning Services

Your HVAC system, or your Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning system runs almost all the time to keep your home properly ventilated and the right temperature. Just like your home furniture needs regular dusting and attention to keep it cleaned, your HVAC system needs regular cleaning to keep it running properly. But this kind of cleaning shouldn’t be done by you. You should always hire a professional team of home restorers to help you. SOS Restoration provides Oakland HVAC cleaning to help homeowners like you maintain a quality of home life that is clean and free from respiratory problems caused by ill-cared for HVAC systems.

Air Quality in the Home

The most important reason to get your HVAC systems professionally cleaned is because of the air quality in the home. You need a home that has quality air flowing around it, otherwise, you’re breathing in dust, dirt, contaminants, and more. Air comes through your air ducts all the time, and that air comes from all around, bringing with it any number of things. Hot and cold air running through it can contribute to the lower quality air that comes through the ducts. Most commonly, ill-cleaned air ducts and HVAC systems lead to problems like illness, asthma, allergies, and unpleasant smells. Having these kinds of problems does not contribute to quality health for those living in the home.

With Professional Help

With professional help, you may be surprised to see that most of these problems can be avoided. You may think that you just have bad allergies and asthma, but upon having your HVAC system professionally cleaned, you’ll realize that you are just about as healthy as the next person – without all of those allergies and asthma attacks. With our professional services, we’ll remove all dust, pollens, allergens, pet dander, and more from your air ducts to get the airflow completely clean.

Air pollution does not need to be a serious concern when you have the service of a company like SOS Restoration working for you. We are a company certified by the IICRC – the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification – which means that you know we’ve been verified by a reliable third-party source for professional services. All our technicians have gone through education courses on how to do HVAC cleaning and other home restoration services. Oakland homes are protected here with SOS Restoration’s home restoration services. No longer do you have to be concerned that the air inside your home could be as much as 70% more polluted than the air outside. No longer do you have to worry that your HVAC system could stop working because it hasn’t been properly cleaned. No longer do you have to spend as much money as you used to on your electricity bills because the HVAC system was working so hard to overcompensate for the dust and dirt. SOS Restoration will clean your HVAC system up thoroughly so your home is well taken care of.