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Flood Damage Service

As a city in the bay area, Oakland suffers its share of flooding caused by severe tropical storms moving in from the pacific ocean, the recent 2014 August floods are an excellent example. In addition, floods in buildings may occur as a result of broken water pipes, faults in water drainage or sewer backups.

As veteran market leaders in the field of restoration, we at SOS Restoration have literally seen it all with regards to flood damage in Oakland. Our impressive capabilities and vast accumulated experience make us your best choice for restoring property damaged by flood back to its original state.

Speed is of the Essence

At SOS Restoration we know very well that flood damage must be dealt with ASAP. The longer water is allowed to remain in the flooded area of your property the greater the scale of damage that will ultimately need to be addressed, with all the inevitable bearing on the total cost of restoration.

Because we know how important it is to begin the process of flood damage restoration quickly we at SOS Restoration operate round the clock, 365 days a year. We are always on call and guarantee an immediate response.

What are you waiting for?


Removing All Accumulated Water

The first step in any flood damage restoration job is to remove all the water which had accumulated in the area flooded. The main tools used in this stage are pumps, at SOS Restoration we have a wide variety of state of the art pumps enabling us to utilize the ones best suited for the job in each and every case. This means speed and efficiency in draining out the water, something that has great bearing on what will need to be done later on.


Once all the flood water has been removed comes the time to dry out everything. Any moveable items will be removed and plenty of fresh air allowed to flow through the affected area. Massive fans are typically used in this stage, needless to say, we have top of the line equipment for drying including all types of industrial fans.

Preventing and Eliminating Mold Infestation

The final stages of our flood damage service have to do with replacing any structural items which need to be replaced (sections of drywall for instance), eliminating chances of mold infestation due to untreated moist areas and removing any mold which has set in.

Overall flood damage service may be a lengthy process, we at SOS Restoration will expertly guide you through it providing you with the best possible solution at each and every stage. To top things off we also boast practically unbeatable rates.