Fire Damage Repair Service

A home or commercial building may be damage inflicted by the flames themselves, as they burnt through flammable materials, damage caused by smoke or soot. Another type of fire damage is that caused by firefighting efforts, this may amount to fairly extensive water damage, even flooding.

The complex picture described above is what makes fire damage repair so challenging. In order to provide truly comprehensive fire damage repair services, a restoration company must possess a wide range of capabilities.

SOS Restoration is a leading provider of restoration services to the community of Oakland, we employ only top of their field restoration professionals and have accumulated vast experience in tackling any and all types of restoration jobs in Oakland, fire damage repair naturally included.

The Different Steps of Fire Damage Repair

Once we receive a call for fire damage repair we will spring into action wasting no time. We at SOS Restoration know very well that beginning restoration actions quickly may greatly reduce the extent of damage that will ultimately have to be dealt with. This is why we make ourselves available for immediate action 24 hours a day 365 days a year. We treat every call for fire damage restoration as an emergency and respond accordingly.

In order to work efficiently, we base our operation on a thorough inspection and assessment. Being thorough in examining and assessing the situation in no way means we waste any time in diving in and beginning actual restoration action.

When necessary we will board up and roof tarp in order to reseal the property. Water removal operations will also begin immediately following inspection so that accumulated water is not left to linger any longer than is inevitable.

SOS Restoration possesses all necessary know-how and tools of the trade (including a wide range of chemicals) to combat smoke damage and soot. We can, therefore, remove smoke odor and clean any surface or item that can be salvaged.

Finally, any and all remaining issues will be dealt with, such as cleaning and repairing what is salvageable and replacing anything that is not.