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Fire Damage Assessment

A house fire is something that every homeowner fears. We worry about accidentally leaving the oven on or the iron plugged in. We worry that a meal cooking on the stovetop could cause the whole kitchen to burn down. We worry about a dropped cigarette on the carpet. And because of the dangers of fire in the home, these are valid worries. We as homeowners have to be careful to avoid house fires. Sadly, sometimes these things happen anyway. Whether it happens because of an accident or because of bad wiring, fire damage can be extensive and possibly permanent. Carpet, insulation, drywall, wood flooring – none of it is immune when a fire strikes, and if the fire was bad enough, the whole structure of the home can be compromised.

Assessing Fire Damage

In the event that a fire happens in your Oakland home, it’s essential that you bring in an SOS Restoration professional team for fire damage assessment. It could be disastrous if you assume all is well only to find a floor collapse down the road because of the fire damage. Check with your homeowner’s insurance first regarding fire damage coverage, and contact us here for professional fire damage assessment. Our job will be to determine the severity of the damage to the home, how soon you as the homeowner can reenter, and how repairs will need to be conducted.

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Assessing Cosmetic and Structural Damages

Cosmetic or superficial concerns are the initial checks made by a professional assessing for fire damages. If anything has been melted or broken, if chimneys have been visibly damaged, floors, walls, bathrooms, ducts, vents, etc. – if any of these are visibly damaged, they will be assessed. The exterior and interior of the home are both checked, including roofing, outside walls, and every room of your home. Additionally, structural damages are sought out, particularly with the foundation, walls, flooring, and ceilings. Areas that are damaged are assessed for replacement, repair, and restoration.

Finally, after a proper professional fire damage assessment has been conducted, repairs can begin. Our qualified licensed technicians will gladly help you restore your home after this disaster to its best condition so that you can put the whole experience behind you.