Our Air Duct Disinfection Service

Every home needs regular maintenance to keep the home in good condition. The floors need vacuuming and mopping, the walls need scrubbing, the roof needs touching up, and every surface needs attention. But don’t forget one of the most important parts of the home – the air ducts. Your ventilation system is an area prone to all kinds of contaminants and bacteria, and therefore it needs a lot of attention to maintain it. We here at SOS Restoration are proud to inform you that we provide Oakland air duct disinfection services for you whenever you need it.

Professional Services

Most homeowners don’t even know that they need to have their air ducts disinfected, let alone how to do so or how often it needs doing. But no worries – we know what we’re doing. Our licensed professional technicians at SOS Restoration are skilled and experienced with ventilation systems. It’s not a good idea for homeowners to DIY such an important maintenance task. We recommend hiring only professional SOS Restoration team members to provide this service for you. When we’ve done our work, you’ll see the quality in service and notice a distinct improvement in the quality of air flow in your home.

Improving Air Quality

No matter where you are, there are all kinds of pollutants that get into the air. If you’re in a building that is not well aired out or properly cleaned, these pollutants are trapped in the air and have no way of getting out. This is what causes mold to grow, air quality to decrease, and dust and dirt and worse to fill the air. Many homeowners with bad air quality in their home could experience significantly improved air quality simply by getting their air ducts disinfected. Air duct disinfection goes a long way in improving air quality, which leads to improved quality of life, reduced respiratory illnesses and allergy problems, and better air flow for your air conditioner and heater.

Improved Quality of Life

When you have your air ducts disinfected by an SOS Restoration professional technician, you’ll experience that improved quality of life we’re talking about. Your air will feel cleaner, which will make breathing easier and will reduce the likelihood of asthma or allergy attacks and getting sick. Your HVAC system will better be able to do its job, reducing cost to you and improving efficiency of the system. And as a result of all this, your quality of life will increase. Allow our technicians to service your home with air duct disinfection Oakland and experience this for yourself.