Air Duct Cleaning Service

For many years not enough attention was attributed to air duct cleaning, this is rapidly changing during the last decade or so. As leading providers of all types of restoration services in Oakland, SOS Restoration also offers one of the most advanced air duct cleaning services available.

Why Should Air Ducts be Cleaned?

There are several reasons calling for air duct cleaning. When dust and other dirt particles accumulate in air ducts they will be blown into the rooms of the building in which they are fitted thus lowering the standard of air inhabitants of the building breathe (family members in homes, employees in businesses). This is especially true when mold has grown inside air ducts.

Another typical reason for air duct cleaning is infestation by vermin (e.g. house mice or insects). When air ducts become so clogged with excessive amounts of debris, dust or soot (from wood or coal-burning furnaces for instance) airflow through them is impeded and they most definitely should be cleaned.

What Does Air Duct Cleaning Include

Air duct cleaning involves cleaning, sealing and decontaminating of not only the air passages themselves (in forced-air heating and cooling systems) but also of grills, diffusers, heat exchangers, heating/cooling coils, condensation pans (“drip pans”) fans (motors and housing), etc.
At SOS Restoration we have the necessary skilled manpower as well as top-notch equipment and vast experience in order to conduct thorough air duct cleaning jobs whatever they may include.

Preventive or Responsive Cleaning of Air Ducts

As awareness of the need for maintaining air ducts clean rises more and more residents of Oakland opt for ordering routine air duct cleaning in order to avoid health implications as well as to improve the efficiency of heating and cooling systems. Other times it is the discovery of a problem that leads to ordering an air duct cleaning service. Whatever the case may be, we at SOS Restoration through Our qualified licensed contractors will respond quickly to your call, assess the scale of the job at hand and provide you with a highly competitive quote ASAP.

Not Just Cleaning

With air duct cleaning it is essential that not only will the ducts themselves be cleaned but also that all necessary action will be taken in order that they remain clean (at least for as long as possible), such actions may include sealing of joints (to keep out dust and dirt), making sure furnaces burn efficiently, decontaminating, disinfecting etc.