Professional Air Conditional Repair

Your air conditioner is a critical component for your Oakland home. Keeping it well maintained and properly functioning allows you and your fellow residents to breathe freely and enjoy being in your home. Especially in the summer when it can get quite warm, having a well-working central air conditioning system can make all the difference. Yet these very complex systems are difficult to maintain on your own.

Air conditioning systems contain everything from the condenser to the evaporator to the coil to the compressor to the motor and ductwork and distribution, and it’s a complicated system. Any number of things can have gone wrong when it stops working properly. Additionally, the evaporator and condenser are sealed. For these reasons, the moment you notice a problem, you want to call SOS Restoration for professional air conditioner repair Oakland. You’ll also want to call for professional maintenance and repair sometime in the spring before it becomes crucially needed in the summertime.

Sample Air Conditioning Problems

There are any number of problems that can arise with your central air conditioning system. For example, it may stop working entirely due to a circuit problem or blown fuse. The motor or compressor may be faulty and need repairs or replacement. The system may need more refrigerant. The air distribution could get off balance, causing some areas of the home to cool properly and others to stay warm. Sometimes it encounters random problems simply because the evaporator or condenser are dirty and need a good cleaning. Debris such as weeds or leaves or plants can block the condenser, inhibiting proper functionality and necessitating a clean-up.

Professional Repair

Because this is a complex system, it takes a professional knowledge and understanding of how it works to properly repair it. You will most certainly want an expert on your side for Oakland air conditioner repair before the summer comes. Professional maintenance of your central air conditioner will ensure not only proper cooling of your house for comfortable living, but also proper cooling of your house for its own stability and structural soundness. Air conditioning helps to keep the parts of your home functioning and in good condition instead of overheating. It’s even helpful for maintaining temperatures to protect food and medicines from going bad. Contact SOS Restoration for professional air conditioner repair today.