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Water Damage Services in Concord CA

SOS-Restoration’s leading team all of our technicians are qualified and licensed. Having been involved in various and diverse restoration endeavors we know every nook and cranny of the world of damages restoration, and when it comes to mold infestations, water damages, or fire damages, a thorough understanding of these hazards’ behavior and effects is essential.

What we do

We deliver quick and expert solutions to all restoration needs and requirements. Such situations usually cause great grief and heartache to those who suffer them and necessitate a swift and thorough response.

This is exactly what we are good at. Our team of experts is extensively experienced when it comes to dealing with all sorts of damages:

  • Water damages restoration
  • Mold damages restoration
  • Fire damages restoration
  • Damages in hard to reach spaces, such as air ducts, basements, and more.

What we believe in

We have developed over the years a few guidelines that help us provide you with the best possible customer experience:

We make you wait as little as possible: whenever there is a need for professional restoration services, things cannot be pleasant. This is why we go out of our way to provide you with a swift solution. Our call center is always staffed and an eager and willing operator is available 24/7/365.

We make sure we are always able to take care of business: our technicians are thoroughly trained and certified as they are comprehensively equipped. They even go through periodic short courses and training sessions to ensure their competence. This ensures we will always be able to take care of business.

We do not take our customers for granted: each customer we visit turns into a reference. This multitude of references and recommendations from happy, satisfied, and relieved customers shows that we go to extreme lengths to make sure you will get the single most professional solution you need. This ensures we will never take you for granted.

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